Clearfield MPO Cleaning Tech Tip

We recommend using a combination cleaning system before you plug into your network for new connectors out of the bag, or after inspecting and finding contaminated endface(s).

Step 1: MALE - MTP/MPO Connector Cleaning

1.       Lightly “spot” a QbE-2 wipe on the platen with Electro-Wash PX Fiber Optic Cleaner, the FiberWash or MX Pen.

2.       Lightly touch short side of the MTP/MPO Connector Swab to the wetted area (3-5 secs) to absorb some cleaning solution (DO NOT over saturate the swab).

3.       Wipe connector areas to be cleaned, sliding pad from bottom of pad across and forward to tip of swab, from 1 side to the other, turn over and use long side to dry in same movement. 

4.       Use hole on end of pad to clean 1 alignment pin and press the end of the swab into the other pin to clean.

5.       Check your work with a fiber scope.  This can take several attempts to get the endface clean.

Step 2:  FEMALE MPO Connector Cleaning

 Tip: Is cleaned like a single fiber connector.  The receptacles will be cleaned as long as you are using a combination cleaning process - recommended.

 1.       Using a platen, moisten the platen with cleaning solvent on one end to accommodate 3 swipes of the MPO female endface.

2.        Holding the connector (IF APC, slightly at an angle to accommodate for 8° angle) swiping with medium pressure, from the wet area into the dry area, 3X, without wiping over previous area. Wiping from wet – to –dry 3X.  DO NOT retrace previous

 3.       Inspect, if clean make the connection.  If NOT, repeat above steps until clean or if determined,   the end face is damaged (based on standards of 5 cleanings per connection), replace.

 Step Three: For both Male and Female MPO Cleaning

 Tip: Clean using a probe-style cleaning tool and fiber wash cleaner, for male (need a swab for the pins) or female end face. The probe style cleaning tools are capable of cleaning a connector end face separately or through the adapter. 

1.      Slightly engage probe by pulling back but do not allow to click.  Lightly “spot” a QbE-2 wipe on the platen with Electro-Wash PX Fiber Optic Cleaner, this will help alleviate “over saturation” of the material

2.      Lightly touch the tip of probe and release.


3.      Insert connector or insert probe though adapter and click 2-3 times to move past the wet area and allow material to dry wipe.


4.      Inspect connector, repeat if necessary (following standards)


5.      If cleaning a male connector, clean the pins (see above)

Tech Tip from Kelly Weissmann, Technical Trainer - Clearfield